What’s inside the Panic Away Program?


Anxiety is taking an incredibly high toll on individuals nowadays. A tremendous rate of physical, mental, and other psychological issue are the immediate consequence of uncertain anxiety and nervousness. For some people these issues are giving rise to some serious problems. As per the ADAA, nervousness issue now influences 40 million grown-up in the United States with an expense of more than $42 billion a year.

Also, a critical part of the expense goes toward various anti-anxiety drugs. But now it is possible to fight with anxiety. Recently released is a natural and an outstanding program known as Panic Away. Until now this has helped more than 70,000 people who have successfully overcome panic hit and anxiety. This program can actually act as a life changer if someone is really struggling hard to overcome the same.

Panic Away:  Overview

Panic Away SystemPanic Away is a book penned down by Barry McDonagh available in digital versions. This is basically a program that consists of safe and natural techniques which helps people to fight anxiety disorder and panic attacks permanently. The program has seen huge success since its publication and has already been featured on numerous TV and radio channels throughout America.

Till date more than 85,000 people have purchased it and the number is still going up. This is the best solution for the people who are looking for natural ways to fight against anxiety and panic attack without any sort of medication.

This program by Barry McDonagh is termed as ‘The One Move’ which can break any sort of panic attack sequence. You have heard it right! It has been proved that by adopting this Panic Away method you can easily avoid any kind of panic attack and uproot it forever. This can be achieved without any medication or repose procedure.

What this program offers

The panic Away program is available both in the form of a downloadable PDF as well as a in the form of a book which you can touch physically. The physical version is also available in the form of a CD or DVD. You can either keep the mp3, video and the PDF files on your PC or can buy the books, CDs or DVDs. However, the physical version of this program is a more costly than the downloadable version. The downloadable version gives you an immediate access which is the best thing about the program.

There are four videos and each of them contains a presentation about the basic strategy of this program. It is highly recommended for you to watch each of the videos to get a notion of the ways the different strategies work for you. The videos are named as-

  • Introduction

  • 21 Second countdown

  • 7 Minute Exercise

  • CALM Recovery

Audio recordings are also there in the form of mp3 files or CD files. These audios help you to go through all of these exercises like the 7 min Exercise, 21 Second Countdown Exercise and lots of other exercises in the 2nd part of the plan known as a CALM Recovery program.

Chapters of the program

The entire program is covered through different sections. The chapters are the following-

  • Introduction

  • What leads to Anxiety

  • 21to 7 Technique

  • 21 Sec. Countdown

  • Example of real life incidents

  • Elimination of general anxiety

  • 7 Mins. Exercise

  • C.A.L.M Recovery

  • Coping with unwanted Anxious Beliefs

  • Coping with unwelcome Bodily Feelings

  • Coping with Morning Anxiety

  • Coping with Night Panic and Insomnia

  • Coping with Fears

  • Coping with O.C.D

  • Coping with Impediments

  • Turning the Corner

  • Anxiety Drugs

  • A Rundown of the Common Suspects

  • Conclusion

What you Get

There are three options that you can get in this program

  • Book- Panic Away eBook is comprised of total 245 pages and they aim at stopping the anxiety part by part.

  • Audio CD- The entire series is in the format of an Audio CD which helps you to listen to these CD’s wherever you go.

  • DVD- The DVD which comes in HD quality is less than even 50 mins and is very beneficial to accelerate your recovery if you can’t make out the time to read.

Why Panic Away

The information that this book contains, offer the sufferer full confidence so that they can tackle their individual problem with ease. These problems include anxiety and panic attack that appears during air travel, driving or in the course of an interview.

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A number of users are also there who are assuring the sufferers to buy this book as they got some really positive results. The total eBook track is broken up into some very simple steps containing some clear information about how to fight against anxiety and panic attack. You can easily browse through the course within some time and start to implement the course.

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