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Anxiety is taking an incredibly high toll on individuals nowadays. A tremendous rate of physical, mental, and other psychological issues are the immediate consequence of uncertain anxiety and nervousness. Also for some people, such issues are causing serious problems.

As per the ADAA, nervousness issue now influences 40 million grown-ups in the United States with an expense of more than $42 billion a year. Also, a critical part of the expense goes toward various anti-anxiety drugs. But now it is possible to fight with anxiety. Recently released is a natural and an outstanding program known as Panic Away.

Until now this has helped more than 70,000 people who have successfully overcome panic attacks and anxiety. This program can actually act as a life changer if someone is really struggling hard to overcome the same.


panic Away Ebook CoverPanic Away is an all in all home program to overcome tension and frenzy. It was created by Barry McDonagh, who also suffered from nervousness and frenzy for more than 30 years, until he found the way of fighting with anxiety at once and shared with everyone.

An individual who is going through any kind of anxiety, consuming anti-anxiety medication, or experiencing a terror of flying, open talking, social settings, or some other tension giving action is sure to get benefited from this program. In the event that you need to break free from the frightening and startling impacts of anxiety forever, you’ll find that Barry’s program is both useful and encouraging.

In the event that you are simply exhausted or excited enough as of to buy both sides of a candle this program is not for you. In such cases, a small downtime or a vacation is enough to cure you. However, you must resolve such simple stresses as they will lead to serious anxiety disorders if left untreated. It is always true to bring your life back to balance before things lose their control. This program is not about helping you to loosen up.

What this program offers you

The Panic Away program is available in the form of a downloadable PDF, mp3 file format or video file. You can get it either to your computer or can also get it in a physical form-CDs or DVDs. If you buy the physical version, which is bit high priced, you can still go for the downloadable version and start following the procedure right away.

There are four videos which is the key strategy of this Panic Away program. It is recommended that you watch the videos first to get a clear idea on how the strategies work and how to perform them. The 4 videos are-

  • Introduction

  • 21 Second Countdown

  • 7min Exercise

  • C.A.L.M Recovery

Along with these four videos there are audio recordings also that come on MP3 or CD files in the 2nd part of the program, i.e. C.A.L.M Recovery.

How Panic Away works

The first incident of nervousness or fear is generally caused by some kind of pressure or distress or may be as a result of a physical problem. These initial panic attacks and anxiety becomes elongated and serious only when such primary responses continuous in a circle.

You must have heard about the fight or flight reaction. This is actually the process in which your body and brain functions to respond to any alarming situation. You should know that this particular reaction is not what we call anxiety even though it appears very similar. This happens mainly when you don’t know what has caused you the fight or flight reaction. It can even be a bit scary at some point of time.

stagesThe fear generated by this reaction gives birth to another level of response and even before you can understand it your heart starts racing and you are chocked.

Due to some other reason your nervous system can become sensitive and this is the process that leads to chronic anxiety as much time is not needed for the cycle to run again. This gives you the fear of experiencing a panic attack is destroying your life, holding you back from going in the broad daylight and making it impossible to be in any sort of social gathering. May be the kind of feeling that you have is a little different form this but the core mechanism is more or less the same.

According to Barry McDonaugh once you master to break the cycle of fear the brains start shifting to a more rational mode. This is the time when you can use some of the conventional methods that treats to heal anxiety like- deep breathing, relaxation and cognitive techniques that generally don’t work well when the brain is in an emergency situation. However, these techniques are very good for managing the stress level.

You might continue to have the feeling of being stressed until you start relaxing. However, chances are there that your gauge excitement level is high than what is needed and this can make you more susceptible towards the cycle of anxiety. So, it is suggested that you follow the above mentioned strategies as well as the 21-7 technique. It will no doubt be a pleasant surprise for you to see how much difference it brings to your life to have a whole new lot of strategies to follow.

Price of the program

The Panic Away program generally costs $129 (printed package), but right now it costs $97. This is even less that the cost of one therapy and you may know that only one therapy is not enough to cure you properly. This is a great value for the carry away version but the downloadable version cost less and is available at just $67.95. You can purchase the Panic Away program online as it is totally risk free and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

The final verdict

Though this is not a magic wand to cure your problems overnight, but you will be benefited if you follow the program properly and regularly.

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