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I have been getting problems with anxiety and unwanted panic attacks for several years now. At first when it started I was really young and thought that may be everyone goes through something like this so I did not do much about my situation. But then the frequency of these anxious surges kept increasing and I would get them anywhere at any time.

In any situation which even made me feel slightly trapped I’d get panic attacks. Whether during a small trip somewhere by bus or even walking over to some place, or even driving, I’d get embarrassing and painful anxiety attacks that would just come out of nowhere and leave me completely shaken. I had completely confined myself to my home and could not leave the house at all.

It even got me to end up in the emergency room once, and the doctor said that you are just having a panic attack. He said in a very casual way like a matter fact. That really angered me, I mean I was going through something really painful that felt awful and I almost believed with certainty that I am going to die and here is the doctor saying that it was ‘just’ a panic attack!

I have had several visits to the doctors’, they did a lot of tests to make sure my heart was functioning alright and that the problem was completely based on panic and anxiety for sure. Like several others I tried a lot of therapies, counseling, visited numerous psychiatrists, took the prescription med, herbal oils, basically I tried everything that I could get my hands on to help my situation.

I was desperate. I desperately longed to participate in normal social interactions and hangout with my friends and family. I wanted to be able to walk to my favorite cafe or the grocers’ by myself and shop. I tried everything I could to get my life back, read a lot of self-help books, did a lot of research, and even tried meditation.

I felt completely alienated from my friends and family they tried to sympathize with my situation and tried to give me all sorts of advice on how I could manage my condition. But no one actually understood how physically painful it was to have a panic attack.

Not Buying ‘Panic Away’ the first time I saw: A Regrettable Decision

I had begun to live with my anxiety disorder and had accepted it as a part of life that would never go away. I continued to remain withdrawn from normal activities and could only walk a few streets away to my place of work and back. Though living this way made me highly depressed, I had not gotten any panic attacks for some time then. So when I came across this eBook online, on 2010 I did not pay much attention to it and imagined it would be another useless online sham.


By that time I had read quite a lot about panic attacks and coping mechanisms. But then one weekend the worst happened. I was to drive home to my parents on weekend for a cousin’s wedding. Driving never really made me feel anxious or trapped. In fact it was the one thing I truly found relaxing as I felt completely in control. I was nearly halfway through when it started while on the thruway.

I remember feeling somewhat emotionally disconnected since morning that day. Even the night before, there were some uneasy moments where I felt a little uncomfortable and anxious. But they did not seem very serious and soon subsided. This time it was a full blown panic attack that almost lasted for what I imagine was more than an hour and a half.

The Worst Panic Attack in the most Inconvenient Place ever

This panic attack began while I was driving and lasted almost more than an hour and a half. It happened while on the thruway, I pulled over and tried all the coping mechanisms I knew at that time to deal with the situation. I felt this uncontrollable fear of I don’t know what that crippled me. I felt shortness of breath, my heart was pounding hard and I thought I’ll go crazy or die this time.

 AnxietyLike my previous experiences with anxiety attacks, I imagined this one would subside in a few minutes or so. But it didn’t and I could not even get my hands on my medication at the time. I kept trying to think positive thoughts and tried to calm myself down and reassure myself. But I had never felt so alone while having a panic attack before. I just felt that I had to go home. Nothing rational would help me to calm down.

This was some unexplained fear that had no reason. After about one and a half hour, I finally felt relaxed, like a wave of calmness had passed over me. It was a floating like feeling but I also felt completely drained after the attack.

Pros of ‘Panic Away’

It actually Drove my Panic Attacks away

I had been suffering with GAD i.e. General Anxiety Disorder. Even while in school and college I had troubles with anxiety that did not stem for any real reason. I could not point my finger at any particular reason for this fear. My psychiatrists had prescribed me with several useful self-help books which had provided me with a good idea about panic attacks.

These books led me to truly realize the importance of self-education. Then I finally decided to get my hands on this popular e-Book guide for panic attacks. At first after reading the book I was somewhat disappointed with it. Although it did tell me the first step to reduce my anxiety disorder, I felt it did not provide me with more information for further understanding. The book is quite lengthy of more than 200 pages long, but I did not pay much attention to many significant chapters which I thought were simply filler information and would only tell me the things that I already know about.

But then the guide program was modified by Joe Barry, and they released the eBook with a pack of audios and video CDs. This really uplifted the whole experience and made it more interactive and also very easy to grasp the important information given in the book which I considered to be filler information. The CDs showed real people going through panic attacks in real life, and had a person narrate what exactly the person was going through during these attacks. It made me feel very comforted in the first place. I realized that there are several others who feel the same and go through the same painful experience as me.

The step, popularly known as the ‘one move’ technique which is the main focus of this book, actually works. It actually helps to reduce anxiety attack symptoms in an all natural, drug-free way. The ‘one move’ technique helps to reduce a panic attack instantly, by allowing your own nervous system to deal with the attack in its own way, like it is supposed to. The book gives a comprehensive idea about the science i.e. the physiology behind panic attacks and helps to reduce the symptoms from their very core.

The trick is to get your own mind out of the way when having a panic attack to let your body deal with it, like it is programmed to do. That is the main idea focused in this book, and Joe Barry provides some very simple methods on how to shift the focus of your mind away from anxiety attacks. He also reveals how one can learn to stop panic attacks from arising, and to control one when it starts to appear so that it does not turn into a full blown situation. His methods really do work to reduce panic attacks within a few minutes in actuality.

Cons of ‘Panic Away’

I did not like the way the author Joe Barry suggests that this book will work for everyone to help reduce panic attacks. That I would say is the only con of this book. One finds it difficult these days to trust any program that guarantees something with such certainty, as there are several fraudulent scams circulating around the internet made my scheming money making crooks, with no real idea of panic attacks and anxiety disorders.

Although the book might not be the best solution for everyone, since every person’s situation is different. It definitely worked for me. And I recommend it to everyone who has ever had anxiety issues to get help as earliest as possible because it is easier to deal with when you start early.

The Final Verdict

The main idea provided in Panic Away enables the fear related to anxiety attacks to crumple in on itself for immediate real relief and long term elimination of the problem.

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I suggest you to buy a copy of this eBook guide which has worked for thousands to get rid of their problems with anxiety and may also help you to get your life back.

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