Panic Away Review 2017 – Does It Really Work?

Panic Away is an eBook which is written by Barry Joseph McDonagh (BA, Dip Psych). It is a program that consists of natural and safe techniques that helps to stop panic attacks and anxiety immediately. The program has been featured on many radio channel and TV across America several times. It has been bought by more than 85,000+ people worldwide and still counting. It is an ideal solution for those seeking for the natural methods to get rid of their panic attack and anxiety without any medicines.

Please continue reading the Panic Away review for the truth about this effective method to tackle both unwanted panic attacks and anxiety. In this review we will take deep look on the advantages and disadvantages of this program and see if its natural techniques is really for you or not.

Who is Barry Joseph Mcdonagh?

Barry Joseph McDonagh is a very popular author of Panic Away eBook. He is more than just a program developer based on his long research and education. Several years ago, Barry Joseph McDonagh Barry McDonagh(sometimes referred to as Joe Barry) went from being a laid back guy to experiencing frequent unwanted panic attack and anxiety.

He got an unexplained panic attack during his college days. When he had his first attack, he didn’t know what was going on and it scared him. Being an Irishman, He didn’t want to admit and look help from passersby, and after 15 minutes the panic attack subsided.

From that time, he would have panic attacks and anxiety strike him at inconvenient places like while driving his car, in lectures and the shopping malls.

With all this going on, the level of anxiety also increased, making him feel uncomfortable all day and night. He started researching what he could for the anxiety treatment.

This period proved to be frustrating and disappointing to him as all the suggestion was based around therapy or medication which would only help someone cope, not permanently remove their anxiety.  

As a result of his personal experience and research, Joe Barry decided to take a new approach to dealing with panic attacks; he’d do something different to what his research had advised. His idea worked very well. To test that this wasn’t a coincidence, he consciously put himself where he knew it would trigger panic attacks. By approaching the situations that would trigger panic attack, he learned that he could avoid the panic disorders permanently without medicines.

This unique and amazing technique has led to a program designed to assist people take their life back that has reached over 184,000 people in 32 countries till now in 2014. Since its commencement over 10 years ago, various people have experienced awful success in either decreasing or eliminating the severity of their panic attacks. His technique is claimed to treat panic disorders within few minutes.

The One Move Technique

Joe Barry’s Panic Away program is called; “The One Move” which is capable of breaking any panic attack cycle yes you heard us right because it is proved that with this technique you can avoid any panic attack permanently. This is all obtained without any use of medication or relaxation systems.

Panic Away KitJoe Barry is a natural at keeping the readers engaged presenting the information in a simple to follow format. He adequately explains himself when he uses a slightly difficult term in his eBook. His technique is unraveled in a natural and logical progression making best use of real life stories to drive home his important points. He thoroughly dispels misunderstandings about panic attacks and anxiety and then lays out a list of legitimate symptoms. The One Move technique is delivered rather early in eBook and is completely explained and reinforced.  

If you have the fear of public speaking, fear of driving, or encounter panic disorders due to leaving your home than you may especially be fond of the segment dedicated to applying the One Move method to these particular problems. This Panic away technique is said to successfully fight the general anxiety disorder (GAD). Thankfully this technique was created in a way where it can be used at school, home, or work in any “life” situation easily and quickly.

The Future for Panic Away and Barry McDonald

With the great success of this eBook, Barry McDonagh and his team have set an aim which they call “Mission 2016″. The aim of this mission is to help around One Million people suffering from panic disorders by the end of 2016. They create various success stories that the medical field has to take notice and begin implementing it as therapeutic care for panic attacks and anxiety.

Panic Away Reviews – How Panic Away Works?

The author of the Panic Away program, Barry began his research studying books on psychology, but he was not so happy with what he found there. The method described promise to teach people to get rid of the panic attacks and anxiety permanently, but they just teach methods for managing it. For instance, breathing and relaxing through it, looking distractions or waiting for it to pass are all ways that do not really disarm the anxiety, they only enable you to manage them better.

Author knew he was on to something when he studied the work of Viktor Frankl who is top psychiatrist in the world. The analysis carried out by Viktor Frankl allowed Barry to know that in order to reveal the Panic Attacks it was important to stop people from “fearing the fear”.

Starting from here, he created a new technique which is known as “21-7 Technique”; 21 seconds to get rid of a panic attack and 7 minutes to get rid of anxiety. It is followed by the C.A.L.M. method:

C – Community Support
A – Acceptance
L – Lifestyle changes
M – Meaning

When you get panic away program, there are various method inside it which you may use to neutralize your panic and anxiety attacks before it strikes, but the most effective technique is The One More technique. Once you read and learn this technique, I must tell you in my Panic away review that you will not need the other methods.

Must Watch Vedio !!

This eBook comes in a 245 page. You may download online anytime (even in 2 A.m. Morning) and start to read it to see the effective and natural ways to neutralize your panic and anxiety attacks. Once you study the one move technique, you will able to foresee the panic attacks symptoms and conquer it before the panic attack strikes you.

Does panic away work for everyone?

According to panic away review, this program will be effective for everyone. You can try it and see whether it is the best solution for you or not. However, I am sure that Panic away eBook will help you because the one move technique has worked for over 90,000+ panic attack sufferers; therefore your anxiety won’t be an exception.

Panic Away Pros

  • 100 % Natural Program – The antidepressants are recommended for people who suffer from depression. There are so many side effects with the use of this kind of medications. The antidepressants may harm some more than others, like people with chronic illnesses, certain mood disorders, those try to get rid of this problem.
    But Panic Away is 100% natural program that is very safe and has no adversarial effects, other than getting pure positive effective results.
  • Unique One-On-One Coaching- While considering the Panic Away review, I found the customer support from Barry to be very nice and all my support tickets were responded instantly (within 1 hour). Moreover, I found that Barry Mcdonagh also provides free and unlimited one to one coaching and counseling for his customers. One to one coaching is one of the most important things in his program.
  • The eBook is very easy to read for anyone.
  • It’s less expensive than other techniques and can cure panic permanently.
  • Barry Joseph McDonagh doesn’t waste words. The Panic Away eBook doesn’t have a lot of “filler.”
  • The book provides real-life situations that are specific: when you suffer from the panic attacks and anxiety in a car, school or home.
  • Official statistics claim that around 98% of the people were successfully benefited from this eBook.
  • It is proven program that worked for many satisfied people worldwide.
  • Panic Away Technique Can Be Used Anywhere – Various anxiety sufferers try therapy to get rid of the panic attacks and anxiety, but find not so good result from it, and it will be uncomfortable. There are other techniques, but they may be very embarrassing to utilize in public.
  • The Panic Away method can be used anywhere to get rid of a panic attack.  
  • The Technique Is For Anyone – This technique is accurate, friendly, and comprehensive and simplest-to-follow course I have came across.
  • Video and Audio Series– With video presentations for folks that prefer to learn by listening and watching rather than reading a book, they also can enjoy the video series of this program. The Panic Away course will be a perfect solution for most of the people who suffer from anxiety.  The audio and videos series really helped the panic sufferer get on track right away. It is like one to one coaching and counseling.
  • 60 days full money back guarantee – They provide 60 days money back guarantee if anyone not satisfied. Therefore, there is no risk at all.  

Overall, the Panic Away e-book is worth to read. It’s not a potion, pill or any magic formula. This program addresses actual science and speaks to folks in all situations.

Panic Away Cons

However, this eBook has no side effects as discussed earlier but there are few cons of it.

Length Guide– The eBook is a bit lengthy (200+ Pages) for those people who don’t like reading but don’t worry audio book and videos are also there.

Panic Away Program – What you Get?

  • The book – Panic Away eBook comprises of 245 pages and the scope of it is to really stop the anxiety piece by piece.
  • Audio Cd’s – All the series are in Audio CD format so you can listen to them anywhere.
  • The HD DVD – It’s only less than 50 minutes long and is beneficial to fast track the recovery if you don’t have time to read book.

What you can Find in the Book?

The Panic Away technique consists of 3 stages which are given below:

panic-away-course1. Trust
2. Acceptance
3. Persistence

Each stage includes real life successful case studies. This ebook explains that anxiety management methods focus on simple Band-Aid approach: get rid of the symptoms of panic attacks. By contrast, Barry Joseph McDonagh says his Panic Away program works for a long-term relief system.

This ebook contains more than 70 chapters and sub-chapters. The chapters in the book run the array of any anxiety triggers, including GAD (General Anxiety Disorder), fear of flying, Barry’s C.A.L.M. methods and also dealing with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). It also provides the “One More” method, which can help to treat anxiety as well as other issues.

21/7 Techniques by Barry

Panic Away uses Barry Joseph McDonagh’s 21/7 technique. It means doing a twenty one second countdown followed by seven second exercise. These are easy and can be done anywhere. Moreover, there are a number of different exercises too, both mental (including affirmations, visualization, and breathing techniques) and physical to help the stages along.

Author says he has helped many anxiety sufferers from all over the world, any age group to get relief from following this 21/7 technique.

Why you should get Panic Away?

According to the Panic Away review, the information that is contained in this eBook provides sufferers the confidence that they can tackle the problems. These include panic attacks and anxiety that comes during driving, air travel or during interviews. Various users also stand behind this technique, assuring those with panic attacks that this ebook is a system that really works. The eBook course has been broken down to simple steps with clear information on how to get rid of panic attacks and anxiety. You may go through the entire course in a few hours and start implementing very soon.

The Basics Of Panic Away course

Stage 1- It is a main psychological breakthrough point brought by utilizing the One Move method. In short, this technique teaches the user that he doesn’t need to fear the occurrence of panic attack and anxiety. Basics Of Panic Away coursePsychologists states that when an individual has anxiety of a particular situation, he can suffer from a panic attack. This individual then fears that particular event or location. The One Move technique teaches you how to get rid of these fears and end this panic cycle.

Stage 2- The stage 2 of the program is described to tackle GAD (the general anxiety disorder) by releasing calm into body through particular exercises. This stage of the program uses holistic methods that are focused on visualization and acceptance. The exercises are physical exercises and mental exercises that are simply done in a few hour and aren’t overwhelming.

Stage 3 – After offering a program to heal general anxiety and panic attacks, the book ends with a chapter that described the top reported anxiety sensations like dizziness, headaches, blurred vision and heart palpitations, so that you may easily understand why some of these symptoms occur with anxiety disorder. In the end, the book explains a few easy steps that will provide a full recovery from the anxiety.   

Final Verdict – Is it worth the money?

In my Panic Away review, I found that it is a very powerful healing method which worked successfully for over 98% of the people that already used it. The best thing about this eBook is that its simple and detailed course. Moreover, audio series, video presentations, 60-Day money back Guarantee, members forum and the one on one coaching and counseling with Barry made this program very affordable for me. There are various programs available in market for panic attacks it is very hard to find out which one is real. Obviously, you don’t want to waste your money on tricks that don’t work. Panic Away ebook which is designed by Barry Joseph McDonagh is the safe and natural solution to panic attacks.

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Keep in mind that if you are seeking for a “1 hour magical cure”, Barry’s eBook is not for you. However, if you are seeking for a holistic approach to end your anxiety forever, then you can find Panic Away to be a perfect solution for you.

I hope that this Panic Away review would be very helpful for you to take decision for eBook!

9 thoughts on “Panic Away Review 2017 – Does It Really Work?”

  1. It’s been around 5 years that I have been getting panic attacks. Initially, I didn’t realised their seriousness until I got one at my work place. Frankly, it felt like I am having some heart-attack situation. The confirmation came later when my colleagues took me to this hospital, where after the full check –up, they prescribed to me Lexotanil.

    Their point was to get through these attacks without any medications involved. The doctor was kind enough and taught me the apt breathing exercises and tips to keep calm. Later on, I realised that these attacks got more frequent and disturbed the entire flow of life. It was then that I decided to reach for its permanent solution.

    So, after a long search, I landed on this product named ‘Panic away’. After reading the reviews and testimonials by people who opted for this program, I bought it. Initially, it didn’t really made any difference but with each day passing, my health situation was getting way better. Thanks to this product, I am completely fine now and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a solution for panic attacks.
    You can rely upon this option.

    1. Hello Josh,
      Thank You for Review & sharing your experience with us. Your response will be a motivation for others and help them to fight with panic issue with panic away program.

  2. Hey hi, my brother has similar issues of anxiety. We had in fact consulted various doctors for this issue but couldn’t find a viable solution.

    From the reviews here, it feels like this thing actually works. Tell me if there are any real users here. It’ll be very helpful.

    1. Yes, I can assure of you of the fact that it works very well. It did wonders for me at least which being the reason I made this website.

      I have been there, the losing confidence, the embarrassment & above all, the panic issues were really disturbing my life. Thanks to the fact that I somehow found this product and it literally changed my life.

      The panic attacks initially decreased and with time, they got eliminated. I had struggled with such anxiety disorders for years and its only because of ‘Panic Away’ that the confidence has strike back.

      You can avail go for it buddy. I am assuring you.

      1. Thanks!! I have seen his life getting affected adversely because of that. Will order one for my brother.

  3. Hi,

    I have been searching for an anxiety disorder solution. Have had these panic attacks since childhood and now they are becoming unbearable for me.

    Have taken help from sources but all in vain. I really want something which may end the whole panic thing & give me long term results or if possible, then eliminate the attacks.

    Please, any one here who can testify the product can be of great help. Please give me honest reviews here because my faith and money will be invested in here.

    1. Don’t worry May Jacob!!

      You can totally invest you trust and money in this program. I have tried & tested this product. Trust me, you won’t regret buying this product.

      This product offers a perfect blend. You won’t have to go for the medications, drugs or psychiatric treatments.

      The program states simple procedures which help you enhance your thinking abilities and lets you concentrate way better. Go for it.

      As far as the money thing is concentrated, with ‘Panic Away’, you are getting a refund policy which reduces all the risks involved. If you somehow find it problematic and the expected results don’t arrive, you can avail the full money back guarantee.

      So, its risk free. Don’t worry, the product comes with a certain level of reliability.

  4. Thank you for the review. I basically wanted a drug free solution to my panic attacks and anxiety. Finally got it through this program.

    The mental concentration exercises provided in its guide gave me some actual results and reinforced my thought system.

    It is only because of this ‘Panic Away’ program that I am way more confident, focused and disciplined in my life.

  5. Yes, I can testify for the product as well.

    I had the anxiety problem from a very long time. Didn’t realized it earlier until I got the Big One!!

    Yes, it was with that panic attack I realized what a huge issue this can turn into. Trust me, it changed me and for worse.

    My thought system just wasn’t working at all. Thanks to ‘Panic Away’ which offered me relief. I can vouch for this product.

    Go for it.

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