Who is Barry Joseph McDonagh?


There are plenty of reasons for why Barry McDonagh is the most preferred anxiety coach of the world. He is neither a therapist nor a psychologist, it is a true fact that he creates no bones about. Barry defined himself as a sufferer of panic attack right from his college days, frustrated by the traditional method to treat anxiety.

He later designed his own technique which is now available in the form an e-book that is downloadable. His program has totally changed the perspective in which anxiety is viewed and treated today. The success of the Panic Away program says it all.

About Barry McDonagh

Barry McDonaghThe day when Barry had his first fit of anxiety, he was still in high school. It struck all of a sudden and he had no clue what was going on. This denoted the start of a disappointing time in his life punctuated by sharp uneasiness and irregular fits of anxiety. In his quest for assistance, Barry toiled with various top therapists – he attempted unwinding and breathing techniques, cognitive therapy strategies, and various other conventional methods that are utilized these days to aid the patients of anxiety overcome their nervousness, and which you’ve most likely attempted too.

Barry got a little relief by practicing these methods but not any of the techniques were able to uproot his anxiety problem. All the programs just helped to keep his anxiety in control for some days and then it would resurface again. Each time this phenomenon occurred his anxiety needed to be worked with again and again.

What led to the making of Panic Away?

Gradually Barry himself discovered a technique which was very simple and was a mental technique. It was capable of cutting off his anxiety from the very root. At present he calls the technique as the ’21-7 technique.’ This name was given to the technique as it stopped panic just in 21 sec. and treated common nervousness within 7 mins.

panic Away Ebook CoverThis very technique was initially branded as ‘1 Move Technique’ and is the best thing to eliminate panic attack and anxiety forever rather than managing it. Barry discovered that simply trying to sooth the symptoms of panic attack did not work well. Instead when he applied the 21 to 7 technique his body started to calm down naturally. All his doubts and negative thoughts started to clear away just like the sunshine lifts away the fog.

Barry felt that without removing the fear of a panic hit it is not possible to stop panic attack on its birth. This led him to produce this Panic Away program. This program has at present approved by more than 60,000 public residing in 32 countries. This has also been aired on various talk shows and news in the national television.

The first copy of the book was published way back in 2001 just after Barry completed his graduation from UCD. Since then Panic Away has been sold in more than 32 counties and is at present the most effective course that treats panic attack and common anxiety disorder.